Water2invest web service

The global assessment of the water gap reduction is now published in Environmental Modelling and Software. You can find the paper here.

Water2invest is a web-based service from which its users can view current water availability from surface water and groundwater as well as current water demands from three sectors (agriculture, industry, domestic) and assess from this the current water shortage as well as the looming water shortage under scenarios of climate change and socio-economic development. Based on these assessments, the user can evaluate various technological and infrastructural adaptation measures to assess the investments needed to bridge the water gap.

The tool can be used by consultants, water authorities, non-governmental and commercial investors alike to test investment strategies, but could also be used by companies as a vehicle for advertisement water saving or crop water productivity technologies that can be evaluated on their effectiveness on the spot.

The Climate and water change analyzer and the Adaptation Investigator are accessible by clicking on the bottons below or using the main menu.

Climate and water change
View for various RCP/SSP scenarios worldwide maps of hydrological parameters and effects of these scenarios on water demand.
Adaptation investigation
Evaluate on the scale of a water province climate change and effects on water demand and supply, and investigate adaptation measure to close water gaps.